Thursday, June 30, 2011

Windows 7 BSOD's - SOLVED!!!


it has been a while since my last BSOD's. I blamed everything, really everything. Memory, Power Supply, CPU, Mainboard, Chipset drivers, i even blamed my dog for sniffing at my computer right before it got a BSOD. And then i found something funny.

I was copying some things to and from 1 particular disk. BSOD.
Tried it again. BSOD.
Again. BSOD.

Strange! I did some S.M.A.R.T. tests, and nothing was wrong. I used the drive tests from the speedfan tool (, and nothing was wrong it said. However, i still couldn't copy from and to the disk at the same time.

And then eventually i fixed my problems. And guess what, there is one thing missing in the list above. Cables. Plain simple cables. SATA Cables are probably known for the defects, however, that didn't occured to me. So i bought 4 new SATA cables, this time short ones that even fitted better in my mainboard, et voila. No more BSOD's.

So next time you go into a deepdive of windows debugging, make sure your checklist is complete with even the trivial things ;-)

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